JudyAnn Young
Keynote Speaker & Storyteller

Spiritual Counselor, Truth Seeker and Speaker

Educated and raised in Alaska, JudyAnn Young received a B.A. in Human Resources and Education from Alaska Pacific University and a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute in Golden, CO. After relocating to Las Vegas, NV with her husband, she began pursuing her calling to ministry with passion.

JudyAnn Young 

As a Storyteller, Truth Seeker and Keynote Speaker, she easily and authentically connects with people from all walks of life; this ability empowers her to consciously captivate, cultivate and cut through the chasm of childhood ‘stories’ which often prevent one from having the life of their dreams.

Storytelling is the oldest, most effective & non threatening way of learning information. A skillfully told story allows the listener to receive images and concepts in the manor that they relate to most easily.

JudyAnn Young knows that behind your ‘story’ is your inherent greatness and her gift is helping you lift the veil on beliefs which keep you stuck in un-supportive beliefs, thoughts & behavior.

JudyAnn Young

Through her loving and compassionate delivery, wisdom and clarity JudyAnn, creates a safe space for her stories to be healing and truth revealing. As one client attests, “she brings a message of wisdom so powerful, I thought she had been reading my mind while talking to God about me.” Her profound authenticity is the result of years of interpersonal explorations, self-healing, and her willingness to question beliefs which compromise our ability to live a prosperous, joyfully and harmonious life.



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