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Judy-Ann Young

Storyteller & Keynote Speaker

I bring a wealth of experience & natural gifts to every Story & Keynote address. I enjoy teaching life skills, using non threatening mediums such as humor, stories, analogies & interesting little known historical facts to captivate the attention of the listener. By taking the audience on an emotional roller-coaster through their feelings of hope, faith & courage; they are left knowing they can be, do and have the life of their dreams.

Keynote Speaker

I am an engaging and dynamic keynote speaker, my goal is to excite and energize your audience.
I have been delivering keynote speeches for various national organisations for over 30 years, combining my experience and expertise to bring content and motivation to my audience.

  • Excerpt from
    Las Vegas Review Journal

    “ It was 1956; there were no freeways and the roads to Alaska weren’t paved,” said Young, now 68. “ The trip was 3,000 miles and took eight days. My dad told my mother he couldn’t come back until spring. She wouldn’t have that. It had been six months since I’d seen him.”
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In my opinion a great keynote speaker is the spark to set off the fire that starts a great seminar, Expo or workshop, I will engage the audience with my overwhelming positivity confidence and enthusiasm that will carry far beyond my Keynote speech.



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